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Charity & Outreach

Bereavement Ministry

This ministry provides support to the family at the time of a loved one's death. Volunteer Bereavement Ministers greet family and friends in the narthex and assist the family at church on the day of the funeral.  As needed, ongoing grief support can be provided for a period of time. An annual memorial service is held each year to celebrate the lives of those who have died and to remember them prayerfully. Contact Kathy Jaeger (630) 208-8471 or Vicky Julitz (630) 457-5118.


Blood Drive

St. Peter Church sponsors a Blood Drive in support of Heartland Blood Centers to insure the availability of blood to meet the needs of the hospitals in Illinois and Northwest Indiana areas. This support provides hospitals in the area with a safe and adequate supply of blood and blood products. In 2015, we donated 54+ pints of blood for our community!  Contact Mary Kay Brown (630) 232-7255.


Divorce Healing Program

Our parish offers a 12-week divorce recovery program to help divorced men and women heal from emotional wounds, deepen their personal relationship with Christ, and begin to live a full sacramental life in the Catholic Church. Above all, the series is Christ-centered, based on sound Catholic teaching and spiritual principles. Each session will help people find the peace, power and passion that has been lost through divorce. The program is offered starting in mid-August of each year. Contact Lynn Wilson (630) 232-0124, x. 112 or


Elizabeth Ministry

Elizabeth Ministry is an international movement designed to support women and their families during the joys, challenges and sorrows of the childbearing years. Elizabeth Ministry follows the example of the Scripture story of the visitation of Mary and Elizabeth by bringing together women who share a similar story. It is an opportunity for like-to-like ministry with personal visits, phone calls, cards, prayer, resources and other assistance. Elizabeth Ministers commit to daily prayer and represent the parish community, being a strong witness to the sacredness of all life. Contact Melinda Bernhard for more information, (630) 232-0124, x. 126 or


Environmental Stewardship Ministry

ESM was formed to help St. Peter Parish become more environmentally friendly to fulfill God’s call to care for our earth. The church and school recycle paper, printer cartridges and cell phones on a continual basis. Parishioners are welcome to drop off printer cartridges and cell phones in a designated box in the Usher’s Room at the end of the church narthex hallway. St. Peter School families may drop them off at designated boxes in the school. A feeding and teaching produce garden was launched in 2006. (See Friendship Garden description.) As more people join the ministry, we can expand our focus. Contact Dennis Dresseli, or (847) 722-1610.


Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry is open the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. to distribute food and give information to those in need. Volunteers also help on other days to restock the pantry and assist at food drives during the year. Contact (630)-232-0124, x. 444.

The pantry is operated by volunteers in space donated by St. Peter Church. It has been serving the Fox Valley for over 20 years. Food and other non-perishable items are obtained from:

  • Financial donations used to purchase goods at greatly reduced prices from the Northern Illinois Food Bank;
  • Donations of food and non-perishables from food drives sponsored by our church, local schools, library, Scouts, letter carriers, business and community organizations.

The pantry serves 275 families twice a month and the number climbs to 300-plus families during the holidays. Two bags containing about 25 lbs of food, cleaning products and personal hygiene items are distributed twice a month to each family. The families include about 350 children under 18, 300 elderly over 65, and 70 disabled persons.

Please consider a donation to the Food Pantry.  Financial donations can be sent to St. Peter Community Food Pantry 1891 Kaneville Rd., Geneva IL 60134.


Friendship Garden


An organic and eco-friendly garden is planted, cared for, and harvested by St. Peter parishioners. The garden is a great place to work side-by-side, strengthening or forming friendships. About eight beds make up the garden. An estimated 600 pounds of food are harvested and donated annually. The produce is given to our St. Peter Community Food Pantry and other local helping organizations. Contact Adam and Jeanine McMillen, (312) 852-1360.


Funeral Luncheons

This parish ministry provides a luncheon in Seton Hall following funerals of parishioners. Arrangements are made with the funeral director. Availability of the hall is a prerequisite. Parish volunteers donate the side dishes and desserts and work at the luncheon. The meat and rolls cost is paid by the family, with donations to the ministry covering the cost of supplies. Contact Peggy Gurbal, (630) 232-8311 or Barb Kralovic, (630) 232-2951.


Giving Tree

At the start of Advent, the leaders of this ministry and their volunteers prepare tags with the name of a gift and place the tags on our Christmas Giving Tree in the church narthex. Parishioners take the tags, purchase the gifts and place them under the tree (unwrapped). Shortly before Christmas, volunteers sort the gifts so they can be delivered to several area helping organizations: Elgin Mental Health Center, Fox Valley Pregnancy Center, Catholic Charities, Hesed House Homeless Shelter and others. Contact Lisa Cooper, (630) 262-9764 or or Paula Nagel, (630) 208-1866 or


Golden Diners

St. Peter volunteers give of their time and love by delivering nutritionally-balanced noontime meals on the 3rd, 4th and 5th Thursdays of the month to people who are homebound in the Geneva and St. Charles area. Not only do they bring the meal, but they also provide a "well-being" check. Meals are provided by the Salvation Army and picked up at 1710 S. 7th Ave., St. Charles. Contact David Pens for additional information, or 815-210-6920.


Homeless: Hesed House/PADS

Hesed House is a homeless shelter and more. Homeless individuals and families are provided with a place to sleep and food to eat. Some need to stay only a short while and others are in need of the shelter for long periods of time. There are two sheltering programs on premise. The TLC (Transitional Living Center) is a group home for up to 57 residents (men, women and children) who are in the process of rebuilding their lives. For those who cannot be accommodated in the TLC, the PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter) program is an overnight shelter for the homeless. Each night, 150 to 225 guests sleep on mattress pads in a large open rooms. For PADS guests, an evening meal and breakfast is provided. A sack lunch is provided for those who work. A new program called LightHouse provides supportive individual or apartment rental units for the chronically homeless. In addition to providing shelter, there are several programs available on the Hesed House premise to help rebuild lives: Waubonsee job readiness program; substance abuse counseling; mental health and social services case workers; and a daytime drop-in program that offers various activities.

Food and shift workers
Our parish provides the evening meal, breakfast and sack lunches for the PADS guests the first Wednesday every other month (January, March, May, July, September, November). If you want to volunteer to: A) Prepare food or serve the evening meal at Hesed - call Michele Doherty (630) 370-5668, B) Supervise the sleeping room - call Michele Doherty
(630) 370-5668 or C) Prepare breakfast - call Steve and Janet Weber (630) 208-1782.


Homeless: Lazarus House

Lazarus House is an overnight shelter at 214 Walnut Street, St. Charles, for those in need who have connections to either St. Charles or Geneva. It is open 7 days per week, 52 weeks a year from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Lazarus House has many programs to help homeless individuals get back on their feet. On the first Sunday of each month, St. Peter Church provides a hot evening meal. Several volunteers prepare the main dishes in their home and drop them off at the shelter. A few volunteers work at the shelter to serve the meal. A sack lunch, made by our volunteers, is offered for the following day. One volunteer spends the night at the shelter to augment the staff person. Contact Michelle Paetow, (630) 402-0693.


Homebound Eucharistic Ministry

Each week members of St. Peter Parish Family visit homebound parishioners to provide a visible link of love, caring and Eucharist to those confined to their homes. Training sessions and support meetings are provided for volunteers. Contact Lynn Wilson (630) 232-0124, x. 112. 


Hospital and Nursing Home Eucharistic Ministry

On Sunday morning following the 9 AM Mass, extraordinary ministers bring Communion to patients at Delnor Community Hospital.  Notify the parish if you or a loved one are at Delnor Hospital and would like to receive Holy Communion.

Also after Sunday 9 AM Mass, extraordinary ministers bring Communion, lead short prayer service or decades of the Rosary, and visit with residents at Arden Court and Bria Health Services. 

Contact Lynn Wilson, (630) 232-0124, x. 112 or


Journey With Hope (cancer support)

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, are a cancer survivor, are a caregiver or have lost a loved one to cancer, we have a spiritual support group here at St. Peter to help you over the bumps in the road. We are here to journey with you in faith. Contact Tina Trch (630) 232-0124, x. 102 or


Martha's Meals

The Martha's Meals Ministry provides loving meals on a short-term basis for parishioners and their families in need due to illness or emergency. For more information, contact Sandy Livingston (630) 845-8634 or  You may also visit the Martha's Meals website:


Prayer Shawl Ministry

Knitters and crocheters get together once a month to create beautiful, hand-crafted prayer shawls for those in need of comfort as well as in celebration of a birth or special occasion. Many blessings are prayed into every shawl. Upon completion, a final blessing is offered before the shawl is delivered. Knitters and crocheters of all skill levels are invited to join. The group meets the first Thursday of the month in the Tekawitha Room. A LEADER IS NEEDED FOR THIS MINISTRY.  Contact Rama Canney (630) 232-0124, x. 105 or


Quilts for the Sick and Homebound

Quilters gather weekly (Tuesday mornings, 9 AM to noon) to lovingly and prayerfully sew quilts to comfort the sick and homebound of our parish. The quilts are blessed and then delivered by clergy and parishioners who visit the sick and homebound. Contact Irene D'Anna,
(630) 208-7256.


Rosebud Program

The Rosebud Program helps our church identify and pray for those waiting for a child to be born (pink rose), those celebrating birth or adoption (red rose), wanting to become pregnant or adopt (yellow rose), or grieving miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, infant or child death (white rose). The roses are kept near the painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe in THE church. People are invited to remove a rosebud from the basket, fill in the attached tag and put the rose in the vase.  Prayer cards for the various situations are displayed next to the vase.  Those filling out the tags are invited to take a prayer card for personal meditation. Church members will pray daily for the families represented by the roses. Contact Melinda Bernhard for more information, (630) 232-0124, x. 126 or


Wellness Ministry

The focus of the ministry is to be a loving presence of care and concern for: · our elders who might be in need of services · those who have experienced the loss of a loved one · anyone with health related issues · those nearing the end of life · encourage parishioners to develop good habits that promote health and well-being. Please contact Ministry Leader, Toni Nicklaus, or (630) 232-0124 ext. 108.


Works of Mercy Ministry 

Works of Mercy is a new ministry established to meet the needs of those experiencing a situation in which support is needed that cannot be met by other ministries or local helping organizations. This ministry may also assist one of our other parish ministires that needs extra help for an event/program.
We pray many of you will put your name on our Works of Mercy “volunteer call list.” When a need surfaces, we will email or call volunteers on that list and see who is available to help with that particular need. If you would like to help or have questions, contact Rama Canney, (630) 232-0124, x. 105 or